Happy 25th Anniversary, Ecco the Dolphin!

Caverns of Hope is celebrating Ecco's 25th anniversary!

Through the years and decades, Ecco the Dolphin has thrived in many different ways. During the early days, Ecco could shine with the amazing games that got praised by gamers and press alike. Ecco has inspired many gamers with his beautiful ocean scenery and speedy challenging gameplay.

The last entry in the series, Defender of the Future, was born into a time when the Internet began to pick up real speed. It was also at this time when the Caverns of Hope were born. The Ecco community went full speed early on, with countless entries of Artwork, music remixes, fanfiction and many more.

With the evolution of the Internet, also Ecco the Dolphin continued to spread further. Continuous re-releases of the game on various gaming platforms surely helped keeping word about him alive. Ecco is still often being featured on social media, while press and gamers still have their eyes on potential news about the dolphin.

And while we haven't received news about a new entry yet, we are still hopeful that it will emerge one day, preferably by Ed Annunziata, the designer of the original games on the Mega Drive and Genesis.

Until then, we will continue our research about Ecco the Dolphin and the Ecco community. To celebrate this time, we've put together a minor selection of some of the things people have contributed to Ecco's history. This is by far not everything, but it will give you a glimpse at the awesome things Ecco fans are bringing to live!

To celebrate with us, use the Twitter-Hashtag #Ecco25th. Read further about this at the bottom of this page!

The Caverns of Hope Team


Trellia the Skyfin by Zsolt Balogh
Surreal Ascen by AuldBlue
DotF Perils by The7thSea
Forward to the Light by Loboprata
Deep Ridge by Arktoss
Path from the Sky by AHundredWinged-Wishes
Kings of the Heaven and the Sea by Liris-san
Ecco Aesthetic by Versiris
Ecco Acrylic On Paper by Artofsararichard
Four Ways Of Mystery by rocioam7
Big Water by Sky Tides
Split the Stream of Time by Snapdragoon
Leap by Atolm
Ecco Deeper by Tim_kun066
The Last Breath by AuldBlue
25th Anniversary Project by Liris-san


Ecco Retrospective by Strafefox
Ecco 3D rendered cutscenes
Ecco Review by SuperGameEskimo
Ecco DotF PS2 Playthrough by sonicfreak94
Johnny vs. Ecco the Dolphin
Peter Reviews: Ecco The Dolphin
Peter Reviews: Ecco Tides of Time


Patient Corgi - Sound Waves
DJ Mykah - Future Tides
The Returners
Vents of Medusa by Tierce Picarde
Another Seascape by Halc (OCremix)
A Derelict Machine by Sefiros (OCremix)
Ecco the Dolphin Suite - Re-orchestrations by Gimmen Gong
ancient song of the wisdom are songs of the big blue
Echos of Ecco by The String Arcade
Ecco Fan Music Collection on COH
Island Zone DIY Music Box by KeyGlyph
'The Vents' EWI Multitrack by Soundole

Around the Web

Ecco the Dolphin Wiki
Open Ocean - Russian Community
The Big Blue Campaign Page
Playchemy Forums
The Last Breath of Elisia
The Completist: Ecco
Origin Beach - An Ecco the Dolphin Collection Site
Celebrating 25 Years of Ecco the Dolphin by Joel Peterson

Ecco Game Related Things

Ecco PC Fixed and Enhanced Edition
Ecco Mods on Steam
Ecco Lua Overlay
Ecco Tides of Time Utilities
Ecco Glitch FAQ


Ecco 1 Any% by halfbakedprophet
Ecco 1 Any% no cam-freeze by Itresad
Ecco 2 Any% by Dolfinh
Ecco 1 tool-assisted speedrun
Ecco 2 tool-assisted speedrun

Fan Games and Games for Fans

The Song of Secoa
Ecco ZZT


Ed Annunziata on Gamespot
Ed Annunziata on Polygon
Ed Annunziata on SEGA Nerds
Ed Annunziata on Eurogamer
Sega localization producer Ryoichi Hasegawa
Spencer Nilsen with Alexander Brandon

Celebrations on Twitter

Celebrate with us using the hashtag #Ecco25th! Post your fondest memories or your most creative work of Ecco the Dolphin. We can't wait to see them! The best ones may even end up in the categories above! :) If you think something fundamental is missing on the page, also mention us (@cavernsofhope) and we'll sort it out while being deeply sorry.

Looking forward to your tweets!

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