The number of the skin you choose will be stored in a Cookie. Thus, make sure that your browser allows COH to set Cookies, otherwise your setting can't be remembered and you'll only be able to use the default skin 1.

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Atlantean Style   Aquamarine Bay   Glass Bubbles (COH v2)   Glyphs and Waves (COH v1)   

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Like some popular programs, COH is able to be displayed in many different layouts and designs, so-called skins. In order to use another one of the currently 7 available skins, simply pick one from the list below. Its description will be displayed here after you've clicked. Please note that loading a new skin can take a little while, depending on which one you select and the speed of your internet connection.

Change the Skin!

  1. Atlantean style [Flash Version] <-- active
  2. Atlantean style [Non-Flash Version]
  3. Aquamarine Bay [heavy]
  4. Aquamarine Bay [light]
  5. Glass Bubbles (COH v2)
  6. Atlantean style [Variant Flash Version]
  7. First Design (COH v1)