These music files are provided directly by the composer Attila Heger, getting you the Original Cinematic Soundtrack of Ecco DotF!

The format is MP3, 44kHz, 192KB/s.

Defender of The Future - Original Cinematic Soundtrack

Attila Heger is known for his wonderful contributions to various Ecco soundtracks, including Ecco: The Tides of Time! We are proud to present his soundtrack for Ecco: Defender of the Future! Attila created the whole music to the cinematic parts of the game, including the Movies as well as Intro and Outro cutscenes for various stages. We are really thankful for Attila exclusively providing us his original music files of the Soundtrack!

For the first time ever, you'll be able to listen to all the Movie tracks without the narration dub by Tom Baker. This will let you dive into the beautiful instrumentation of the amazing Cinematics! Also, unlike the Dreamcast RIPs we offer on our website, none of these tracks have distortion, cracks or other kinds of errors, and come in high quality! We hope you enjoy this special piece of Ecco Music!

Thanks again, Attila! The music files are saved as 192kbps/44khz MP3 files. We added some nice cover cover artwork for your MP3 player of choice. Enjoy!

Full Soundtrack Download

To relieve our free private host from high bandwidth usage, we are distributing our full soundtracks on third party file host services!
Our full soundtrack packs include original artwork files and a text documentation with lots of details about the soundtrack!

Download the Full Cinematic Soundtrack from Mirror #1

Single Track Download

If you only want a certain song, choose it from this list:
01 - Prologue [movie] - 02:16min - 3.18MB
02 - Descent of the Foe [movie] - 02:51min - 3.99MB
03 - Vortex of Time [movie] - 1:16min - 1.81MB
04 - Master of Forgotten Skills, Process that Never Ends [level intro cinema] - 01:43min - 2.43MB
05 - Master of Forgotten Skills [level outro cinema] - 01:53min - 2.66MB
06 - Twisted Realities [movie] - 02:27min - 3.44MB
07 - Powers of Levitation [level outro cinema] - 01:34min - 2.22MB
08 - Ice and Fire [level outro cinema] - 00:31min - 810KB
09 - Abyss of Inferno, Mutaclone [level outro cinema] - 00:59min - 1.42MB
10 - Invasion [movie] - 01:13min - 1.76MB
11 - Heart of the Foe [level outro cinema] - 00:34min - 880KB
12 - Epilogue [movie] - 01:16min - 1.81MB