Composed by Tim Follin (Ingame Music) and Attila Heger (Cinematic Music), you can get the whole Dreamcast Soundtrack, ripped from the original GD-ROM, from this page!

The format is MP3, 44kHz, 192KB/s.

Defender of The Future - Dreamcast Soundtrack Rip

Ambient, ethereal, beautiful, calm. There aren't enough words to describe this soundtrack. I just love the way every track fits its setting in the game. The ingame music lets your ears feel the same as your eyes do when they gaze at the screen's beauty. But while playing you won't note all the little twists in the melody - if you can call it that, the sudden changes of the athmosphere it spends. It's making a good job at supporting the happiness, the sadness, the threat and every other emotion in the game's settings. Let's not forget the cinematic tracks. Attila Heger has made such a good job, it could as well have been chosen for a film - if there was gonna be one with Ecco, noone else should be chosen than him!

Special thanks to Sebastian for ripping the Dreamcast ADX files for us! Unfortunately the source material on the Dreamcast disc is processed at a frequency of 22khz. For the common ear this won't be much of a problem, however this is a step down from the 44khz standard you might be used from your CD Audio. This is also the reason why we've encoded the MP3 files at 192kbps bitrate - anything beyond that would not make sense with the 22khz source material.

If you want higher quality material, be sure to check out the Original Cinematic Soundtrack that Attila Heger gave us!

Also thanks to Tim Follin for linking to us. Check out his website for more of his music, including an unused Ecco track!

Full Soundtrack Download

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Our full soundtrack packs include original artwork files and a text documentation with lots of details about the soundtrack!

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Download the Full Soundtrack from Mirror #1
Download the Full Soundtrack from Mirror #2

Download the Bonus Ambience Files from Mirror #1
Download the Bonus Ambience Files from Mirror #2

Single Track Download

If you only want a certain song, choose it from this list:
Title Screen - 00:53min - 1.25MB
Prologue (cinematic) - 02:18min - 3.19MB
Aquamarine Bay - 10:31min - 14.4MB
Perils of the Coral Reef: Intro - 00:19min - 496KB
Perils of the Coral Reef - 03:34min - 4.94MB
The Great White - 02:30min - 3.48MB
Four Ways of Mystery - 00:58min - 1.37MB
Passage from Genesis - 07:04min - 9.72MB
Pathways from Nowhere - 07:56min - 10.9MB
Up and Down: Geyser - 05:51min - 8.07MB
Lakes and Waterfall - 06:52min - 9.30MB
Roaring Forces: Eel Chase - 02:33min - 3.54MB
Roaring Forces: Metamorphosis - 06:25min - 8.80MB
Atlantis Lost - 05:51min - 7.83MB
Descent of the Foe (cinematic) - 02:52min - 4.01MB
Vortex of Time (cinematic) - 01:22min - 1.91MB
Shrine of Controversy - 05:32min - 7.71MB
Monorail Ride (cinematic) - 01:52min - 2.61MB
Mine Cart Transport (cinematic) - 01:53min - 2.62MB
Process that Never Ends - 05:04min - 6.99MB
Blades in Motion - 00:43min - 1.02B
Obscure Ways to Terminus - 05:15min - 7.25MB
Sleeping Forces of Doom - 00:38min - 932KB
Twisted Realities (cinematic) - 02:23min - 3.30MB
Anguish of Dearth - 05:48min - 8.01MB
Entrapment - 05:40min - 7.80MB
Caverns of Hope - 05:26min - 7.51MB
Hanging Water Generator (cinematic) - 01:35min - 2.20MB
Hanging Waters - 02:27min - 3.41MB
Ice and Fire - 2:49min - 3.91MB
Fortress Implosion #1 (cinematic) - 00:32min - 800KB
Abyss of Inferno - 03:01min - 4.81MB
Fortress Implosion #2 (cinematic) - 00:58min - 1.36MB
Mutaclone - 03:09min - 4.36MB
Invasion (cinematic) - 01:13min - 1.71MB
Transfiguration - 02:55min - 4.04MB
The Final Gift (cinematic) - 00:30min - 754KB
Epilogue (cinematic) - 01:15min - 1.76MB
Credits - 03:35min - 4.96MB
Game Over - 01:00min - 1.42MB
Ambience: Alien Calls - 03:03min - 4.16MB
Ambience: Alien Noise - 03:04min - 4.21MB
Ambience: Bells - 03:03min - 4.22MB
Ambience: Bubbles - 03:05min - 4.21MB
Ambience: Dolphin Calls - 03:05min - 4.19MB
Ambience: Machines - 03:03min - 4.17MB
Ambience: Pounding - 03:03min - 4.16MB
Ambience: Thunder - 03:03min - 4.17MB