Programs for Windows

Ecco PC Wizard

Sebastian created this tool to help you install the PC version of Ecco the Dolphin! The official installation program that comes with Ecco PC gives major trouble and cannot install the game properly in most cases on today's machines - that's why Sebastian decided to create this tool! It will also install the "Ecco PC Rip" you can get from here!
But not only that, this tool will also patch Ecco PC so that it can be played with Windows XP and makes the most important functions available again! Indeed a great tool and a must-have for every Ecco PC user! Languages available: English and German!

Click here to Download the "Ecco PC Wizard" (332KB)


Ecco Password Tool

This program by Sebastian makes password lists almost obsolete, because it allows you to generate your own passwords or modify existing ones!
So far, all versions of Ecco 1 and ToT are supported (except for Ecco PC, but it doesn't use passwords). Be sure to mouse-hover all the options to find out what information is stored inside passwords!

Click here to Download the "Ecco Password Tool" (526KB)


Ecco PC Savegame Tool

This is an experimental savegame editor for the PC version of Ecco the Dolphin, created by Sebastian! Ecco PC savegames are encrypted and protected with a checksum, so you can't easily edit them, even if you know how to handle a hex editor. This program can decrypt and encrypt savegames and lets you change a few values like the stage number, charge sonar availability and the slot name. It also includes a few patches for Ecco PC, eg. one to increase the amount of savegame slots! That's handy when you want to have a slot for each one of Ecco PC's 33 stages without having to switch savegame files. Anyway, those patches can now also be found in the Ecco PC Wizard program.

Click here to Download the "Ecco PC Savegame Tool" (214KB)


Asterite Test

A little program that simulates the Asterite, created by Sebastian! It's funny because you can change the size and speed of the Asterite, and also the graphics! You can even use graphic files from Ecco PC - that way you can replace the globes with jellyfish or the evil Vortex, heh!

Click here to Download "Asterite Test" (221KB)



The official Ecco Screensaver that was released on the official Ecco DotF site. Probably one of the best screensavers ever! It has Ecco and the Great White crossing the screen, while the DotF logo pops up in the background randomly. And nothing else. If you've ever wanted a screensaver at all, you'd definitely choose this one!

!!UPDATE: It appears the screensaver has expired (who knew something like this could actually happen?). You can only use it if you set your system date to something before 2010. Keep that in mind if you want to try it out!
Click here to Download "EccoSaver" anyway... (read above!) (3.65MB)