Ecco PC

Fixed and Enhanced Edition

Ecco PC Fixed and Enhanced Edition Cover

SEGA ported Ecco the Dolphin for Windows PCs back in 1995. With increased hardware capacity and a lot more storage on the CD-ROM format, the original console version was rewritten from scratch, upgraded and packed with awesome new features and goodies. The original Ecco PC version features redrawn high resolution graphics, the CD Audio soundtrack from the MegaCD/SegaCD versions, the 3D rendered videos from Tides of Time, save/restore functions replacing the password system, 3 difficulties and translations to several languages.

Time quickly showed its impact on this gem of gaming history as it became less compatible with every new Windows release, eventually becoming unplayable without using third party patches. But fortunately our good friend and former COH Admin Korama (Sebastian) has returned to fix the game and make it playable on all modern Windows versions. But not only that, this time he also added many enhancements that improve the whole Ecco PC experience a lot!

Klaimen and Korama collaborated with two awesome Videogame music projects to create the best Ecco PC experience: The 16bit Audiophile Project contributed a high quality Ecco the Dolphin soundtrack and sound effects, recorded directly from MegaDrive/Genesis hardware. The String Arcade granted us permission to use an excerpt from their music track "Echos of Ecco" played by a string quartet. This excerpt accompanies the MegaCD/SegaCD soundtrack and adds the Time Travel music for the very first time in any Ecco CD release.

Here's an overview of all the fixes and features:

Ecco PC Launcher Screenshot
  • A Launcher tool with a GUI to change settings on the fly.
  • Makes all game releases run on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10!
  • Fixes all five graphic modes, and the save/restore functions.
  • Full portability: all data is saved and received from within the same folder.
  • Music playback from audio files (MP3, WAV, OGG and more) via bass.dll. Check the BASS website for more information.
  • The time travel music is now played for the first time in a CD release of Ecco the Dolphin.
  • Full range of Sound Effects, ripped by 16bit Audiophile Project, has been added back.
  • Better Palette cycle effects: makes surface wave ripples animate smoother and smooths palette transitions (diving through depth zones, switching between layouts, window focus).

Full Game Downloads

(These are ready for Windows 10!) We've put together a compilation of everything you need to play the game immediately. The compilation contains Korama's launcher, the complete Ecco PC data including the 3D rendered videos, the official MegaCD/SegaCD soundtrack, 16bit Audiophile Project's MegaDrive/Genesis soundtrack and sound effect rips, a crafted full color PDF manual unique for this release, and lots and lots of Bonus Material!

Download the Complete Pack - Standard Edition:
This version will work for most people. It includes high quality soundtracks (OGG Vorbis format) while keeping the file/download size low. If in doubt, choose this version!
"Ecco PC - Full COH Compilation v1.2" Mirror 1 (328MB)
"Ecco PC - Full COH Compilation v1.2" Mirror 2 (328MB)

Download the Complete Pack - FLAC Edition:
This is for Audio Enthusiast: This special download pack includes the soundtracks in lossless CD Audio quality (FLAC 44khz)! Beware: large download size!
"Ecco PC - Full COH Compilation v1.2 FLAC Edition" Mirror 1 (562MB)
"Ecco PC - Full COH Compilation v1.2 FLAC Edition" Mirror 2 (562MB)

Current Launcher version and minimum required data

The Full Game Package above includes all required files, but Korama is still updating the Launcher with hotfixes and new features. If you encounter problems, try the most recent Launcher version linked below. If you have the Ecco PC files and soundtracks available already, you can also download the Launcher directly from here, i.e. to save bandwidth. We're also offering the minimum required Ecco PC files to play the game. Remember though, these do not feature the sound and video files.

"Ecco PC Fixed and Enhanced Edition - Launcher v." (1.46MB)
"Ecco PC Rip - Minimum required data" (6.66MB)