Replay your favourite games from those days. Or get a fresh kick of Ecco history if you've never tried these before.

However, to show some respect - if you like these, get the originals, they're worth it!

Mega Drive / Genesis ROM hacks and scripts

About these files

Hacks and scripts provide a way of changing the original console games so they become a fresh and unique experience for Ecco fans. On this page we offer you two hacks and script packs for the original Ecco MegaDrive / Genesis games.

Ecco the Orca

This is a hack of Ecco 1 (US version) made by Korama. He removed (almost) all references to dolphins from the game and replaced them with orcas (basic orca sprite taken from Ecco Jr.). So if you've ever wanted to play Ecco 1 as Orca, now's your chance! Play through the game for a couple more surprises!

Download Ecco 1 Orca (505KB)

Ecco: the Tides of Time Utilities

This is a collection of scripts by Itresad and Klaimen to display and change memory data from Ecco: the Tides of Time. The collection includes the following three scripts:

  • a HUD (heads-up display) displaying all kinds of useful information about current game stats
  • a Metamorph script that lets you morph into any creature at any time
  • a Memory Hack script that changes various memory values to change the game play

The scripts require a special emulator that can execute scripts. We prepared the scripts to work with the emulator Gens Rerecording. Download the emulator release we tested the script on below, or check their website for more recent releases (those are not guaranteed to work, though).

A Readme file with Install instructions and more information is included in the script download.

Download Ecco: the Tides of Time Utilities (1.94MB)
Download Gens Rerecording 11b (930KB)