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We're always glad to hear from other fans, so if you have a question, stuff you think might fit in the site (fan music, FAQs, secrets etc.), if you got breakin' news or just want to chat about life and Ecco, feel free to contact us! We speak English, but you can also talk to us in German or French! There are several ways to connect to us.


The quickest and easiest way to contact us is via twitter. Also be sure to follow us, to get most recent Ecco news!


If you want to send us more than 160 characters, or share one of your creations, you can send us an email. We have created a shared account specially for COH that all admins share. Gets chances higher you get a soon reply. We read all mails and always try to reply!

Our eMail address: cavernsofhope [at] gmail [dot] com

(In order to avoid spam, we masked our eMail address here. So if you want your mail to get through to us, you have to replace "[at]" with "@" and "[dot]" with ".", of course.)


Visit our facebook page! You can talk to other Ecco fans and keep up to date with us and Ecco there. "Like" the page to receive a constant flow of updates!

Current Admins


I started COH in September 2001, as a quite small website which evolved into what you see today. I manage the contents of the website, adding everything I can find about Ecco. By working on COH I could teach myself a lot of HTML and stuff like CSS, which makes all the pretty graphics by SilverFin stay where they belong. I'll continue my work on this project as long as it makes me happy and think others feel the same way about it.
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J.C. Denton

A die-hard fan of Ecco the Dolphin (both the classical and PS2/Dreamcast episodes), I always seek for new things to uncover or experiment about the saga. I've been following and actively participating to the community for some years now and plan to bring and discover more in the upcoming years.
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Former Admins


It was GTK and me who had the idea of opening a new Ecco website. We developed the ideas together and he created the first layout. GTK is the writer of an amazing Ecco Fanfiction called "The Tidesinger". Unfortunately soon after we opened COH GTK vanished from the internet without a trace and has never been seen again since then.


A couple of weeks after COH was launched, my old pal SilverFin returned. Convincing him to help me out with managing the website was only a matter of time. SilverFin is our brilliant art talent, he has created many awesome skins that made the Caverns of Hope as pretty and shiny as they are!


DarkLink was a friend of GTK and helped us after his disappearance. She developed a new webdesign, helped out with the forum, and was there in quite tough time for the website. She disappeared sometime after that as well, but I've taken word of her the other day.


Sebastian contributed a lot of amazing things to COH and the Ecco community! He helped stabilizing the internal functions of the site systems, he programmed lots of tools and gimmick, one of which made Ecco PC work for more than a decade longer than without it. You can still find all of his great achievements throughout the Caverns of Hope!


Asti was great at helping out with the forum for the last years before it got closed. She was the one who continued to keep it active, even when noone seemed to be there. That's why she became admin of the forum eventually and helped us till the end. She was and still is the good soul of COH! Greetings to the Asterite!


Moduvator helped out on the interactive parts when they were flourishing. Especially he helped defend the forum in a time of crisis where we were under quite some attacks. Thanks for that, Moduvator!