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Ecco the Dolphin, the fabulous game series running since 1992 is the main topic of this website. Here we will publish every single piece of Ecco-related information we can get, to keep the Ecco spirit alive as long as possible.

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8. August 2015

Ecco DotF E3 1999 demo

An early pre-release demo of Ecco DotF has recently been released (by Bananabreak) on the net. Of course we got really excited and immediately examined the version throughly. It's always exciting to have a prototype showing the state of a not yet finished game, with possibly canned features and/or stages. In this case, what's shown seems to be pretty far into development. Curiously, we already get to hear Tim Follin's tunes, which were said to be added to the game "last minute". But with the build preceding the game release by more than a year it seems the decision was made a bit earlier.

Anyway, read the full story here: E3 Demo (1999) of Ecco: Defender of the Future


22. January 2015

More HQ Soundtracks, Ecco PC and Password Tool Updates

We're happy to announce that The 16-bit Audiophile Project have expanded their high quality soundtrack rips collection with another Ecco entry, the Tides of Time. You can download the full soundtrack now in MP3, FLAC CD and FLAC 96/24 versions, right from our Music section. While it does make sense, it still always surprises me how the original Mega Drive hardware generated music sounds so much better than the emulated counterparts.

The 16-bit Audiophile Project Ecco: the Tides of Time Release

We've also updated our Ecco PC fixed and enhanced Edition to v1.2! We found a nasty bug that made the seemingly working game crash as soon as you tried to actually played it. If you've encountered such a situation before, it'd be worth to download the latest version and retry running it! We found this bug thanks to a fan reporting it to us, which is likely going to help many other fans! So please, continue reporting bugs to us, so we can continue to make the game better!
Ecco PC also received other small enhancements and bug fixes, and an updated music track. While this update doesn't add any new content, v1.2 is now the definite version of Ecco PC with complete high quality soundtracks in their final versions. This sets a base for further updates that won't require you to download huge files anymore. Whenever those updates are coming. For now, download the Ecco PC v1.2 Update here!

Finally Korama released a new version of the Password Tool, with a couple bug fixes. You can download it from here: Password Tool Download.

Enjoy the new stuff!


5. December 2014

Trellia & the Skyfin

Exciting news from Ecco creator Ed Annunziata and Ecco Artist Zsolt (Talent) Balogh for all of us Ecco fans! Ed has asked Zsolt to create a scene depicting Trellia and the Asterite in old fashioned pixel art style. The result is truly amazing! It feels like a missing scene from the Tides of Time, like a directors cut, depicting like the peak of an exciting journey of the angelic flying dolphin. Accompanied is a great write-up by Ed, explaining how the Skyfin came to be, and also shedding a bit more light on evolution in Ecco games and in general.

We're absolutely amazed by the quality of this set and it proves once again how much substance the Ecco series still has. We'd love to see you two work together again, Ed and Zsolt, but hopefully on a full Ecco game, so you can realize all of the mysteries that are yet to be revealed!

Read the full blog post on PlayChemy!

Trellia by Zsolt Balogh


14. November 2014

Ecco: the Tides of Time Utilities

Today we're releasing a project Itresad and I have been working on for quite a while now - the Ecco ToT Utilities script collection! We've been previewing this in the past and we're excited to finally share it with all of you! The collection includes 3 main scripts:

  • a HUD showing exact current gameplay stats
  • a Metamorph script that lets you change to any creature at any time in the game
  • a Memory Hack script to change various game stats

We hope you enjoy this release, it's definitely bringing a lot of fresh air into our good old Mega Drive / Genesis game, and is fun to toy around with!

Download Ecco: the Tides of Time Utilities


3. October 2014

UPDATE 4. October 2014: We've added a FLAC Edition of Ecco PC that includes lossless audio versions of both soundtracks (MegaCD/SegaCD and MegaDrive/Genesis). The FLAC Edition is mostly for people who want to max out the audio experience to the limit. Turn up the volume and download the Ecco PC FLAC Edition!

Audiophile Soundtrack Update!

As promised, we replaced the MegaDrive/Genesis version of the Ecco the Dolphin soundtrack with The 16-bit Audiophile Project one. Go ahead and download the quality you desire. The soundtrack is available in MP3 format, CD quality FLAC and 96/24 FLAC versions.

The 16-bit Audiophile Project Ecco the Dolphin Release

We used this opportunity to also update the MegaCD/SegaCD and the official Songs of Time soundtracks with CD quality FLAC versions as download options. The following soundtracks have been updated:

BTW, I've written a short article about how I implemented the 16-bit Audiophile sound files into Ecco PC. Check it out here!



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