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Ecco the Dolphin, the fabulous game series running since 1992 is the main topic of this website. Here we will publish every single piece of Ecco-related information we can get, to keep the Ecco spirit alive as long as possible.

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6. June 2018


My dearest Ecco fans!

The Caverns of Hope have been running for over 16 years now. This place has changed and influenced my life in a way nothing else ever has. I've met a lot of people and made good friends inside the Ecco community. I've learnt so much through this website, and I've had some of the greatest times here.

It saddens me to tell you that the Caverns of Hope, as they are now, are coming to an end and I am leaving them for good. The reasons for this are both personal but also due regulations beyond my control. Apart from that our friendly host Orcaserver - who has been keeping the Caverns of Hope online for free for the past decade - has to stop his service as he is forced to close his server for good. I've been thinking for a long time if and how to continue this website and the decision wasn't an easy one for me to make. I didn't want to leave you people hanging after all, because Ecco the Dolphin is still important to me, as are you people! In the end my decision is final though: The Caverns of Hope website will close for good. However...

...This does not apply to the interactive parts! J.C. Denton will take over the Caverns of Hope Facebook and Twitter accounts and keep you people updated with Ecco the Dolphin related information and contents. Keeping these going totally makes sense as these have been most successful parts of Caverns of Hope during in the past years and have been our main connection to everyone of you. I'm really happy and thankful that J.C. Denton will continue this path.

I will keep the website running online through the rest of June so you have a chance to grab everything you need, after that it will be closed for good. Please make sure to bookmark the future locations of the Caverns of Hope:

Caverns of Hope Twitter Account

Caverns of Hope Facebook Page

I sincerely hope that all of you understand and respect this decision. If you are asking about a potential return - never say never, but definitely not anytime soon. For now, I'd like to say thanks to all of you for your endless support and being one of the best communities ever. I wish you all the best. Keep up your hopes. And we will meet again. Hopefully with a new Ecco game in our pockets!

Take care everyone!


29. July 2017

Happy 25th Anniversary, Ecco the Dolphin!

Before anyone asks "But I read that Ecco got released on X-Y-ZZZZ, why did you post it early/late?". We have no idea when the exact date is either. The internet gives so many dates and until someone can give us a trustworthy source of the original release date of the original Ecco the Dolphin, we'll just go by "end-of-July-1992-ish". In fact, it results in a fight in the team every year, until we drink and sing Gary Cirimelli arm in arm.

Jokes aside, we've prepared a small thing that you will hopefully appreciate as a way to celebrate this big event:

Click here to read our Ecco's 25th Anniversary Feature Article!

We hope you enjoy this little celebration of Ecco and the community. We know we haven't really been active on the website, and we only have bad excuses. But we're not done with this place yet, and in fact we'll soon get back to work on the website itself. If everything works out fine, we'll have something amazing that will change the Caverns of Hope forever!

Until then we'll keep you posted on social media. And don't forget to share your contributions on Twitter (eMail works as well if you don't have a Twitter). :)


4. January 2016

Music Update Supreme! The New Year couldn't begin happier for Ecco music lovers!

The big news first:

SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin is a full-fledged unique Ecco the Dolphin remix album, featuring 39 totally new remixes, composed by 140 musicians. Patient Corgi have truly outdone themselves, bringing awesome artists from around the world together to create a wonderful collection of Ecco goodness for the ears. The album spreads among 3 discs, combining to almost 3 hours for your listening pleasure. I'm listening to the album for the first time as I'm writing this text, and I'm pretty much speachless. That's why I'll stop here right now and just send you to the downloads. Did I mention it's TOTALLY FREE?!? Just download it already!.
We want to thank Patient Corgi and all the musicians for putting so much time and effort into the creation of this outstanding work. Thank you so much! <3

Secondly, on a very related note, we're planning on bringing a huge update to the Ecco Fan Music Collection:

We released the Collection in September 2013, and while featuring already more than 100 tracks, we collected so many new tracks in the meantime. It's about time that these new tracks are being added, however there is a catch! Many of the tracks we found or which got suggested to us are not publically available for download. Of course, we could just go and record the stream, but while the quality is often really low, we don't know the reasoning of the tracks not being downloadable. That's why we are currently reaching out to various artists to check with the availability of their tracks.
The benefits of this situation is, this gives all of you the chance to help out with the Ecco Fan Music Collection Update! Right now we are aiming for a release in early February 2016. All upcoming tracks are stored in a public online folder, for you to check out the current state of the Update at all times. A spreadsheet lists all currently available and upcoming tracks, as well as the status of currently unclear tracks.

Here's a list of everything you need to know:

We are asking you to submit tracks that are still missing from our collection to us. Whether you're an artist or a remix collector, please contact us with anything that's missing from our collection. If you can help out with the tracks that are currently unclear / only available for streaming, we'd be happy about any information about the authors, too!

As we are aiming for a February release, we'd be happy if you could submit your information and tracks by 31. January 2016. You can submit everything via email to: cavernsofhope [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you very much in advance! :)

And now enjoy all the awesome new music. I'm not even halfway through SOUND WAVES yet, and I'm so excited!! :D :D :D


8. August 2015

Ecco DotF E3 1999 demo

An early pre-release demo of Ecco DotF has recently been released (by Bananabreak) on the net. Of course we got really excited and immediately examined the version throughly. It's always exciting to have a prototype showing the state of a not yet finished game, with possibly canned features and/or stages. In this case, what's shown seems to be pretty far into development. Curiously, we already get to hear Tim Follin's tunes, which were said to be added to the game "last minute". But with the build preceding the game release by more than a year it seems the decision was made a bit earlier.

Anyway, read the full story here: E3 Demo (1999) of Ecco: Defender of the Future


22. January 2015

More HQ Soundtracks, Ecco PC and Password Tool Updates

We're happy to announce that The 16-bit Audiophile Project have expanded their high quality soundtrack rips collection with another Ecco entry, the Tides of Time. You can download the full soundtrack now in MP3, FLAC CD and FLAC 96/24 versions, right from our Music section. While it does make sense, it still always surprises me how the original Mega Drive hardware generated music sounds so much better than the emulated counterparts.

The 16-bit Audiophile Project Ecco: the Tides of Time Release

We've also updated our Ecco PC fixed and enhanced Edition to v1.2! We found a nasty bug that made the seemingly working game crash as soon as you tried to actually played it. If you've encountered such a situation before, it'd be worth to download the latest version and retry running it! We found this bug thanks to a fan reporting it to us, which is likely going to help many other fans! So please, continue reporting bugs to us, so we can continue to make the game better!
Ecco PC also received other small enhancements and bug fixes, and an updated music track. While this update doesn't add any new content, v1.2 is now the definite version of Ecco PC with complete high quality soundtracks in their final versions. This sets a base for further updates that won't require you to download huge files anymore. Whenever those updates are coming. For now, download the Ecco PC v1.2 Update here!

Finally Korama released a new version of the Password Tool, with a couple bug fixes. You can download it from here: Password Tool Download.

Enjoy the new stuff!



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