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Ecco the Dolphin, the fabulous game series running since 1992 is the main topic of this website. Here we will publish every single piece of Ecco-related information we can get, to keep the Ecco spirit alive as long as possible.

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18. May 2014

Ecco PC Fixed and Enhanced Edition Release!

Ecco PC Fixed and Enhanced Edition Cover

Being possibly the biggest thing happening to Ecco this year, we're releasing a Fixed and Enhanced Edition of the SEGA PC version of Ecco the Dolphin. Phew, that's a long title. Ecco PC, for short, has stopped working completely on Windows 8, and it was barely playable on Windows 7, if at all. That's why we are really happy that Sebastian (nicked "Korama" in this release) returned and not only fixed the game, but also added lots of great features, making it an awesome experience of playing the original Ecco the Dolphin. I don't want to babble too long in this newspost, instead I'll use this chance to thank Sebastian again for dedicating so much time and effort to create this. It's really well appreciated in the Ecco community, and we hope that it will attract many more gamers to introduce them to the world of Ecco the Dolphin!

Now go download that thing already: Ecco PC Fixed and Enhanced Edition Page


11. May 2014

We got some great news - Sebastian has returned and he's bringing lots of awesome Ecco goodies for us to play with again! Starting today, he's giving us an updated version of his "Password Tool"! It can now identify and generate passwords for all versions of Ecco the Dolphin (Mega Drive EU/US, JP and Mega CD), as well as Ecco Tides of Time! Also, it contains an immense documentation about all the information that is saved inside the 8-letter encrypted passwords.

Ecco Password Tool Screenshot

To give you a tease, here's some of what's stored inside the passwords what you may not have known:

  • Information about passed play time
  • The collected globe color from Dark Water
  • A lives counter that is never used in the game, since you get unlimited lives
  • If you've been cheating with the Debug Screen
    to quote Sebastian: "Cheaters don't get the password for the final password (The Last Fight)" [in Ecco the Dolphin]

Definitely check out Sebastian's updated password tool: Download here!

To build up on that, Sebastian is also working on an Ecco PC hack that makes the game playable in modern Windows versions up to 8.1 and 64-bit. Additionally the hack will allow for multiple improvements of the original game. Among others, the game can now play the CD soundtrack from MP3/WAV files, add the full range of sound effects, as well as some graphical improvements.
The enhanced Ecco PC version will be available from COH very soon!


24. January 2014

It's time for a special announcement, my friends!

I am excited that the Caverns of Hope Admin team has a new awesome member! Starting today, our good friend Benjamin will be contributing directly to Caverns of Hope. Many of you know Benjamin already from the Fan Corner and the various interactive parts, such as the Facebook Page, Twitter and especially our Livestream sessions. Personally, I've been knowing and talking to Benjamin for a much longer time already. During that time we've become close friends, and we recognized we share the same vision about Ecco the Dolphin and the fan community. That is why I'm happy to say that Benjamin will take important roles in every part of COH, not only the main site, but also on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

Good times are coming ahead, and I'm proud to have Benjamin help me out from now! Caverns of Hope will be changing a lot in the coming months. Together, we will change COH to make it a much better place to browse, while the interactive parts will surely continue to flourish.

And now for some words by our new team member himself!


Many of you know me through different nicknames in the community: Ebon_blade on Twitter, J_cdenton on, some of you are even part of my friends on Facebook. For several years, I've been a proud member of the Ecco community where I've met a lot of great peoples who I could finally share my passion with, for a game that has really impacted my life deeply. It all started years ago on Dark-Sea where I could taste a bit of the Ecco community. Then came the joys of social networks. They allowed me to stay linked to people and get news in a more regular basis. Apart of Dark Sea, I've been a close follower of Caverns of Hope, probably the Ecco website I've been following the most. Twitter and Facebook allowed me to keep in touch with the latest updates. Then I decided I should participate a bit more by providing my own experience and by sharing my personal vision of this game. Eventually I started talking with Hauke and with time going we discovered our common vision for Ecco and shared a lot of things together about the game and the community. A close and solid friendship was born under the sign of the dolphin, another great thing which Ecco brought me.

A couple days ago, Hauke asked me to bring a bigger contribution to the community by joining the admin staff of Caverns of Hope. Something I'd have never expected at any moment in my Ecco fan life! Caverns of Hope is a reference as I've said, something big and great, a model to me. Now I'm part of it, I tend to imagine the task awaiting me: an exciting and thrilling one. But above everything I'm feeling honored and extremely proud to have received that task. I'll put all my strength to bring Caverns of Hope everything it need and to be worth the trust which has been put in me. And I can tell you already that great projects are coming.

One main goal I want to achieve as a newly appointed administrator for Caverns of hope will be this one: to show that our community is alive, dynamic and kicking, full with great and talented members. And of course to spread the wise word of our good friend Ecco around the Internet like we all do. As a community, we work hard to transmit his legacy to a new generation of players, hoping more and more people will finally dive into the Big Blue too and discover one of the most wonderfull video game to have ever existed in this world.

Altogether, we'll keep making Ecco swimming through the Tides of Time - until he finally frees himself from these and takes us again into the depths of the ocean, space and time. Until that moment arrives, we will wait, remember and expect in the Caverns of Hope.

-J.C. Denton

13. January 2014

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had some great holidays, and have had enough free time to play some Ecco at least once!

Talking about "Playing Ecco", let's quickly get to todays update: A new section part of the Fan Corner called "Fans On Air". Here we will feature people who play Ecco games on the internet in some way. Starting today, we'll feature people who stream live on internet broadcast services, such as Twitch or Livestream. We've prepared a page with live feeds to several people's channels, who frequently stream Ecco live. You can enter the "Fans On Air Livestream" section right from the main menu, for quick access, while you are browsing the website.

In the close future, we will add to the "Fans On Air" section with Let's Play and Longplay videos, a special section for Speedrunners, and some comedy as well!

Also planned soon-ish is a huge update to the glitches section. With the help of the Ecco speedrunning community, we will finally add glitches for the Mega Drive / Genesis Ecco games. We're also discussing how to set up leaderboards for speedrunning. Quite exciting times to be a speedrunner, you see? :-) Finally, we've found and received lots of new Ecco Fan Remixes, so expect an update to that very soon, too!

And now, why don't you check if someones streaming Ecco live?


15. December 2013

Ecco the Dolphin 3D has been released on the Nintendo 3DS! You can grab it now from the Nintendo eShop for 5.99 USD or 4.49 EUR. This is probably the twelteenth port of the original Ecco the Dolphin, but apparently it's not one of the worst (Yes, I am looking at you, endlessly time travelling GBA port). Sure, most of us are still waiting for the ultimate port including both the chip and CD soundtracks, the 3D rendered videos from Tides of Time, the hires graphics from Ecco PC and the extra levels from the Mega CD and Japanese versions. But apparently we need to tell SEGA a couple times more, that all of these beautiful things would assemble to a penultimate version of Ecco. (That they are able to do it has been proven by the recent Sonic Mobile ports!).

Back on topic, the 3DS port of Ecco the Dolphin is actually going in the right direction. The game has been prepared to feature a very nifty 3D mode that gives the game some realistic looking depth, as I've been told. We don't want to talk too much about the Super Dolphin mode, since Ecco fans don't need THAT. But well, just so you heard about it, you can choose Invincibility from the menu now. More interestingly, you get to choose between the US/European and the Japanese versions, which do have several differences.

Benjamin has written a very thorough and detailled article about all the features of the 3DS port of Ecco the Dolphin. Check it out HERE! Thank you Benji, for spending your weekend to give Ecco fans the information the seek about this port! :-)

There's also an interview with the creators of the port, which is also highly recommended to read. Ryoichi Hasegawa, the original Japanese Localization Director, shares some memories from the time when they were working on the original Japanese port. Check the interview HERE!

Anyway, it's December I still have plenty material that I want to with you before the year ends. So stay tuned and check the site, Twitter and Facebook frequently for updates!

-Klaimen (That's Hauke's now established Nickname!)


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